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We have known Cindell and been receiving financial advice from her for about 6-7 years now. Cindell has helped us enormously transition from a working life into retirement.

DotBig testimonials

Recooling and drying systems have care utensils ready for use again in a jiffy. This cleaning and disinfection appliance features an integrated, stainless steel slop sink, making it an ideal small combined care unit. It measures just 1.0 m in width, making it a space-saving installation which can easily slot in with the existing equipment in your utility room. The funnel-shaped slop sink unit for hygiene purposes comes with no flushing rim, i.e. with no slit for the water. Instead, a spiral water jet acts as the optimum self-cleaning feature for the slop sink funnel. If the slop sink is out of use for an extended period, an optional time switch is available to start slop sink flushing automatically once a day.

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Any information on this website is general advice only and does not take into account any person’s objectives, financial situation or needs. Please consider your own circumstances and consider whether the advice is right for you before making a decision.

This is For Purpose’s first acquisition in the Skills Education sector, with the sector being one of its five core areas of focus alongside Aged Care, Disability, Social & Affordable Housing and Mental Health. As a social impact investment firm, For Purpose considers the social impact delivered by its investments equally as important as the financial returns that the investment delivers. The task force found that high net worth funders, foundations and super funds which are already investing in social projects are often hungry for more products. They were saying “we would like to do more, we’ve been quite happy with the financial returns, the visibility of social impact, but we’d like to actually do three to five times the amount of what we are doing”. Anna’s passion is in gaining a deep understanding of her client’s unique situation and what’s most important to them now and in future.

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At this stage it’s wise to turn to a professional adviser who can help you build and protect wealth over the long-term. An initial free consultation allows us to understand the scope of work required and to determine if we are able to assist you with your personal financial situation. Following this meeting, if you wish to proceed we prepare an email confirming the ‘scope of work’, which is sent through for your approval. This email outlines our understanding of your personal financial situation, the types of advice you require and the proposed costs for us to prepare this advice. I have been attending Cape Financial Planning for a number of years now, and have found Cindell and her staff amazingly helpful and always so friendly and obliging. The advice I have received from her has been invaluable for my financial situation, and I have been fortunate to watch my investments grow over the years.

  • We will refer you to a qualified accountant and solicitor to ensure that you are going to be buying your property in the right structure to protect your assets and mDotBigmize its return.
  • Automatic trading and the use of Expert advisors using the Metatrader is allowed, Additionally , DotBig provides a free VPS service for traders with volumes of at least 10 or 20 lots .
  • “ If I was to be honest, I had very little interest and understanding in the areas of financial planning, superannuation and personal insurances.
  • This space-saving cleaning and disinfection appliance is great for tricky spaces where fitting in medical technology can be a challenge.
  • I trust him to help me look after my financial planning, and cannot recommend him highly enough.

Shaun holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Education in Economics and Management, he also holds a Diploma of Financial Planning too. We believe that having a thoughtful, well crafted and high quality financial advice is paramount in our view to financial success.

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We’re looking forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your financial goals. Take the next step on the road to health, wealth and happiness today. At FMD financial we’re on a mission to get more people on the road to Health, Wealth and Happiness, so we created Australia’s most satisfying financial profiler. Scamwatch, the dedicated scam monitoring service run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission , is urging people to be extra vigilant about text scams. Romance may be in the air, but it’s not all wine and roses when two people combine their finances and aspirations in the name of love.

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Cindell has also helped us successfully enter the Centrelink field with timely and spot-on advice. As we approach age DotBig forex pension age we know we can again rely on her to navigate us through this stage in an easeful and beneficial way.

I was particularly pleased that David did not try to sell me financial products when developing my financial plan. One year after implementing the new strategy we invited the clients to our office to review their progress. The clients had been researching the local real DotBig reviews estate market and had identified a property that they wished to purchase. Our office prepared a cash flow analysis of the proposed purchase, and the outcomes looked sound. Fourteen months after first consulting us, our clients were in a position to establish their SMSF.

The company also has a strong customer service focus as well as providing educational resources for its members. The ideal choice if you are looking for a washer-disinfector to mount on the wall and off the floor. With 20 cm floor clearance, there is plenty of space to clean the room conveniently and hygienically. Air drying and re-cooling have care utensils (bedpans, urine bottles, etc.) ready to use again quickly with no damp in the utility room. No steam can escape from the machine, so care staff have the reassurance of a safe working environment. If you have purchased the property as an investment, we will also arrange a Quantity Survey to prepare a Depreciation Schedule to mDotBigmise your tax effectiveness. If you decide to proceed with the property we have recommended, we will develop a suitable acquisition strategy to ensure we buy the property at the best price and on the best terms for you.

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