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As the name suggests, this flotte valper til salgs fish sports a single “horn” in the front of its head that is much shorter than legendary unicorns. Unicornfish begin to grow horns in their head when they are about 13cm long. This bird is one of the most unique-looking in the avian world.

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  • The yellow-throated marten is a mid-sized predatory mammal found in Asia.
  • The species is named after the Uinta Mountains of Utah and Wyoming.
  • Theunicorn crestfishorunicornfishis a very rare, little-known species of crestfish in the family Lophotidae, and the only member of the genusEumecichthys.
  • Which they have in Japan and Taiwan, probably other places too.

On July 15, the band performed with The Mann Festival Orchestra at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where they debuted a new song. On July 23 with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra at the legendary Chastain Park Amphitheater in Atlanta, Georgia. The band then played a free concert in Chicago at the Millennium Park with the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra.

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I was wondering if you would please add this bird to your collection. We’ve compiled an ultimate list of more than 130 animals that start with U! Our list uses only common names because scientific names are impossible to pronounce and probably not what you’re looking for. Also known as the sea hedgehog, this small-sized echinoderm with moving spikes and lives on the warm ocean waters. They may look immobile, but underneath each pointed spine is a miniature leg that provides movement and protects this echinoderm from predators.

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Like other members of the weasel family , the yellow-throated marten is tough beyond its size, and has few natural predators. They’re often kept in cages because they are social animals who prefer to live in pairs or groups . Male hamsters are called bucks and female hamsters are called sows . It has even been introduced to Hawaii, where it has thrived in the absence of natural predators like coyotes and birds of prey. The partridge bird, also known as the Bobwhite quail, is a game bird that can be found throughout the U.S., especially in the South and Midwest where it’s part of the Great Plains ecosystem.

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There are 17 known bison herds in the United States that number about 10,000 today. You can also skip to a particular letter by clicking one of the A-Z animal links below. Theurial, also known as the arkars or shapo, is a subspecies group of the wild sheep Ovis orientalis.

The umbrellabird is indigenous to the Ecuadorian and Columbian rain forests of South America. However, it is fondly called Ulrey’s tetra after biologist Albert B. Ulrey. This fish is native to the waters of Paraguay in South America.

These freshwater fish are native to western North America, with abundance throughout the Lake Bonneville basin and in the upper Snake River. This persecution, together with continued loss of habitat, has resulted in the species becoming endangered. Lizards of genus Uromastyx have heavy, spiked tails, which can be swung at high speed at aggressors as a means of defense. They are mostly herbivorous, but may supplement their diet with insects.